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Whether you’re hoping to locate your favorite winery or need inspiration for a wine tasting itinerary along the Silverado Trail, our handy winery map makes it easy to view e世博线上’s wineries all in one place. We’ve even included helpful details like which wineries require reservations and which accept walk-ins. Order a e世博线上 winery map in advance of your wine country vacation. 点击这里.

e世博线上 酒庄 Map


e世博线上 Appellation (AVA) Map

Though only 30 miles long and five miles across at its widest point, don’t let e世博线上’s size fool you; e世博线上 is home to 16 distinct sub-appellations, each with unique microclimates, 土壤类型, 种植葡萄. Download our map to better understand the region, then read our introduction to e世博线上 AVAs

e世博线上 Appellation (AVA) Map

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e世博线上 e世博线上

World-famous for a reason, e世博线上 captivates with pristine vineyards, 精英酒厂, 豪华酒店.

Calistoga Calistoga

Famous for their hot springs and mud baths, Calistoga is the place to unwind and relax.

St. 海伦娜 St. 海伦娜

A picturesque town with scores of shops, wineries, restaurants, and swanky hotels.

奥克维尔 & 卢瑟福 奥克维尔 & 卢瑟福

Visit these two towns for some of the best Cabernet & Chardonnay wines in e世博线上.

e世博线上注册 e世博线上注册

e世博线上注册 is a food and wine lover’s dream that also boasts a lively culture and arts scene.

纳帕 纳帕

Find a vibrant night life and unexpected blend of urban activities in the town of 纳帕.



The Best Sparkling 酒 Houses in e世博线上


The Best Kid-Friendly 酒庄 in e世博线上

10 e世博线上 Tasting Rooms Open After 5 p.m.

Best 酒庄 for e世博线上 Cabernet Sauvignon


8 Best 酒庄 to Visit 在e世博线上注册

The 8 Best 酒庄 in e世博线上’s St. 海伦娜

开始了解e世博线上 酒 Country

  1. Where is the e世博线上 region?
    e世博线上 is located 50 miles northeast of San Francisco and consists of several destination-worthy towns, 包括Calistoga, St. 海伦娜, 卢瑟福, 和奥克维尔, with the southernmost city of 纳帕 being the largest and most well-known.
  2. How many wineries are there in e世博线上?
    e世博线上 is home to over 400 wineries, most of which are family owned. From the historic to the modern, wineries with hilltop views to ones nestled among the vineyards, each winery offers something unique and memorable.
  3. Can you walk to wineries 在纳帕?
    While you can walk between tasting rooms in downtown 纳帕, the majority of e世博线上’s wineries are spread throughout the region and best visited by car, 火车, 自行车, 电车, 或豪华轿车. Private tours with Beau 葡萄酒之旅 or Pure Luxury 运输 make it easy to experience several wineries in one day.
  4. What is the best airport to fly into for e世博线上?
    e世博线上 is located an hour north of San Francisco and is easily accessible from five different area airports: SFO, 橡木, STS, SMF, 和APC. While the 纳帕 County Airport (APC) is the closest, the other airports are generally within an hour’s drive.
  5. How far is it from San Francisco to e世博线上?
    Located just 50 miles apart, it typically takes an hour to drive from San Francisco to the city of 纳帕, situated in the southernmost part in the valley. 如果开车去St. 海伦娜 or Calistoga in the northern part of e世博线上, you can expect an additional 20 – 30 minutes of drive time.
  6. How far is 纳帕 from 索诺玛?
    The city of 纳帕 and the city of 索诺玛 are only 14 miles apart, but with 索诺玛 County and e世博线上 showcasing their own unique climatic conditions, 风景, 还有葡萄酒的风格, the two regions tend to feel much further away from each other.


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